Crane UK-25 / 9-18

Crane UK-25 / 9-18

Crane UK-25 / 9-18

Code 3 1 863 1 2104

УК-25 / 9-18 for laying and disassembling the track track of 1520 mm with links of 25 meters length with wooden sleepers weighing up to 9 tons and with reinforced concrete sleepers weighing up to 18 tons. Crane laying UK-25 / 9-18 (FIG. 1) is designed for laying links with 25 m rails with both wooden and reinforced concrete sleepers up to 18 tons in repair and construction of railways, as well as for disassembling the track The links released from the ballast prism with their loading onto the crane platform.

The crane is the main machine of the track-laying train. It consists of a self-propelled motor platform with two tri-axle carriages and a crane farm with equipment mounted on it.

The power, electrical and brake equipment of the crane is placed on the platform frame. Two power diesel-generator sets are designed for power supply of four traction electric motors of running carriages and electric motors of mechanisms, crane equipment. Current type – permanent.

The crane’s farm is a lattice structure, supported by four portal racks, which are made telescopic. Lifting and lowering of the truss is transferred to the working position and back by means of a hydraulic system.

The structure of the truss allows you to lay the rail links in any direction without turning the crane, while the farm moves along the crane in the desired direction.

The equipment of the crane crane farm consists of cargo and traction winches and two crane trucks with traverses equipped with devices for gripping the rail link. The crane winches have drives from individual electric motors.

The crane movement is controlled from the driver’s seat located on the side of the platform, and the crane equipment is controlled from the crane operator’s cab located on the farm.

The laying crane is equipped with pneumatic and manual mechanical brakes.

Two people serve the crane.

Serial production since 1975. It is manufactured in the export version for the gauge of 1435 mm.

The manufacturer is the Kaluga Machine-Building Plant.

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