• Hydraulic press 5000 t

  • Hydraulic press SMG HZPUX 200/100

    LIFT HEIGHT: 900 mm
    TABLE DIMENSION: 1500 X 1300 mm
    WEIGHT: CCA. 38000 KG

  • Hydraulic press SMG Wisssenttall HZPUJ 650/400

    Year: 1972

    Desk: 1250×1250 mm

    Nominal forming force: 650 t

    Grip: 1575 mm

    Sealing speed: 400 mm/s

    Max. speed campaign: 36 mm/s

    Clearance between the stands: 1260 mm

    Length of stroke: 875 mm

    Power stroke back: 52 t

    The total amount of oil: 3060 l

    The area of the towing of the RAM: 560×560 mm plate retainer Area: 1250×1250 mm

  • Hydraulic press WK 3500

  • Line for crushing and sorting of stone

    We bought this technology 12 years ago ((we bought a new technology)).
    I. Line for sorting stone

    1) Productivity 300 t / h
    Thanks to a 24-hour daily operation, we produced 1.2 million tons of sorted aggregate per year in high quality. The stone was certified, and we will deliver it to companies such as. Holcim, Strabag, ALPINE SLOVAKIA, CRH, SEMMELROCK STEIN & DESIGN and many others.

    2) We made stone fractions:
    0/4, 4/8, 8/16, 16/22, the thickness is more than 22 mm. Fractions can be changed according to the size of the sieve cells. The producer of the sorter is a Czech manufacturer from the company Přerovská strojírna, which supplied many varieties and crushers for the former USSR.

    3) Sorter 6 x 2 m, (4 sieves)
    The sorter is equipped with sieves made of polyurethane from the German company Krieger.
    In one year we handled 1.2 million tons of abrasive material.
    He served a year without the need for repair.

    4) Conveyors
    We bought conveyors from the same company that supplied the shredder. The conveyors are equipped with the transmissions of the leading German manufacturer SEW and Nord. We had no problems with the gearboxes.

    5) Electrode
    a) Switchgear is equipped with components of the German company Schneider.
    b) Frequency converters are supplied by the French company Telemechanique.
    c) Control system from the German company Siemens.
    The line is controlled by one person from the control room through a computer, on which all machines and pipelines with errors and current characteristics are displayed.

    II. Line for crushing stone

    1) Capacity 150 t / h
    Thanks to a 24-hour daily operation, we produced 400,000 tons of crushed high quality stone. The stone was certified and supplied to companies such as Strabag, ALPINE SLOVAKIA, CRH, SEMMELROCK STEIN & DESIGN and many others. Thanks to the reflector’s grinder, the stone had a good shape value. It was sharp from all sides and did not form stony flakes, like other crushers. For this reason, this stone is suitable for the production of asphalt mixtures.

    2) Fraction
    0/4, 4/8, 8/11, 8/16, 11/22, more than 22 mm thick

    3) Crusher
    Reflector type SMR 10/10/4. This is a machine from the Austrian manufacturer SBM. It also lasted a whole year without major repairs, replacing only worn parts.

    4) Screens, conveyors, electrical equipment
    They are the same as in Section I.

    III. Fractionation line 0/2 and 2/4 mm

    1) Productivity 40 t / h

    2) Fraction
    0 / 1,5, 0/2, 2/4 mm
    a) to the tread layer in the adhering asphalt
    b) asphalt mixtures

    3) Grader
    Trisomat ST 2000×6000 FB. IFE from Austria.

    4) Conveyors, electro
    They are the same as in Section I.

  • Mechanical Press C-frame VSS LE400C

    Machine: LE 400 C

    Producer: VSS Kosice Slovakia

    Year: 2 pcs: 1986, 1984

    Base parameters

    Rated deformation force press: 400 t

    Dimensions of table working surface: 1250 x 825 mm

    Ram dimensions: 900 x 560 mm


    Main motor power: 30 kW

    Machine dimensions l x w x h: 1550 x 2900 x 3360 mm

    Machine weight: 22000 kg

  • Mechanical press Erfurt PD 4-HH-630+400TS

    Year: 1984

    Nominal forming force towing ram: 630 t
    Towing ram stroke: 900 mm
    Nominal forming force holding the ram: 400 t
    Retaining ram stroke: 700 mm
    The number of strokes in the empty run: 9-18 / min.
    Min. / Max. Installation height instrument towing ram: 1300/1800 mm
    Min. / Max. Hold the tool installation height. ram: 1200/1700 mm
    Cushion in the table – force (holding / ejector): 150 t
    Cushion in the table – Stroke: 250 mm

  • Mechanical press ERFURT PE2-U-315FS

    PE 2-U-315 FS / 2500 / 1450 , Max. 315 Ton

    Brand : ERFURT
    Model : PE 2-U-315 FS / 2500 / 1450
    Mechanical press
    Year of manufacture 1984

    Capacity, ton 315
    Moving table dimensions, mm 2500 x 1450
    Ram dimensions, mm 2500 x 1400
    Ram stroke, mm 400
    Ram adjustment, mm 320
    Shut height, mm 900
    Number of ram strokes per minute 25
    Table cushion capacity, ton 63
    Cushion stroke, mm 160
    Main motor power, kW 45
    Height above floor level, mm 7100
    Press weight, kg 71300

  • Mechanical press Erfurt PKZV III 500.1FS


    Manufactured by Erfurt (Germany) 
    Capacity: 500 ton 
    Table size: 3150 x 2100 mm
    Table opening: 2500 x 1600 mm
    Ram size: 3150 x 2100 mm
    Ram stroke: 500 mm 
    Ram adjustment: 500 mm
    Strokes: 20 per minute
    Shut height: 1200 mm
    Distance between columns: 3200 mm
    Cushion capacity: 100 ton
    Stroke of cushion plate: 200 mm
    Motor capacity: 75 kW
    Press weight: app. 145000 kg

  • Mechanical press Erfurt PKZZ 250

    Year: 1979

    Capacity: 250 ton

    Table dimensions: 2500 x 1400 mm

    Ram stroke: 400 mm

    Shut height: 1080mm

  • Mechanical press Erfurt PKZZ 315

    Type: PKZZ 315
    Producer: ERFURT
    Made in: GO2009
    Technical specifications:
    Max capacity: 315 ton
    Table size: 2500 x 1400 mm
    Slide stroke: 400 mm
    Voltage: 380 V
    Main motor power: 45 kW
    Total power requirement: 70 kW
    Machine dimensions: 4300 x 2500 x 6000 mm
    Weight: ca 60.000 Kg
  • Mechanical press Erfurt PKZZ IV 315.1 TS

    Model, parameters: PKZZ IV 315.1 TS
    Producer: VEB Kombinat Erfurt
    Production Year:
    • 1988
    • with moving table
      Max. piston force 3150 kN
      With distance before u.T. 12.5 mm
      The force on the piston 1100 kN
      With distance before u.T. 160 mm
      Number of strokes 25/min at idle
      Piston stroke 400 mm
      Max stroke 160 mm
      Adjustable stroke 160 mm
      Tensile strength up to 630 kN
      Backward force max 630 kN
      Side window – 1460 x 1460 mm