Drilling machines

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  • Deep hole drilling machine RT263223

    Deep hole drilling machine RT263223

    Year: 1994
    Manufacturer: Ryazan
    Made in: Russia


    Range of external work-piece diameters: 50-300 mm
    Range of work-piece lengths: 2500-7000 mm
    Diameter of chiseled openings: 250 mm
    Max. work-piece weight: 4300 kg
    Max. stroke length of the headstock: 7900 mm
    Turning number (work-piece headstock): 80-500 rpm
    Cutting feed rate (headstock): 5-3000 mm/min
    Quick traverse (headstock): 5000 mm/min
    Max. spindle torque: 2,6 kN*m
    Cooling pump: 300 l/min
    Drive output power (work-piece headstock): 30 kW
    Drive output power (feed box): 8 kW
    Total power requirement of machine electric motors: 63,5 kW
    Overall machine dimensions (including electric equipment):
    – Length: 22950 mm
    – Width: 2500 mm
    – Height: 2020 mm
    Machine weight (including electric equipment): 28.000 kg