Table type special boring machine CNC model LR393MF3

Table type special boring machine CNC model LR393MF3

Manufacturer: Russia

Model: LR 393 MF3

Year: 1992

Year of overhauling: 2006

Condition of the machine:
– electromechanical equipment is in operating condition
– control system needs to be repaired

Basic technical data

Work piece max dimensions, mm:
length 5000
width 3000
hight 2200
Inner machining surface max, mm: 1050
Work piece max weight, kg: 12500
Cutting tool max diam., mm:
– Milling cutter max. diam.: 250
– Tool holder max. diam: 1050
Max. travel Х, mm (see the scheme) 6000
Max. travel (Y,V), mm (see the scheme) 1500
Max. travel Z, mm (see the scheme) 2250
Max. travel W, mm (see the scheme) 1000
Running accuracy, micron 1,0
Positional accuracy, micron 25
Quantity of controllable axis, pieces 6
Quantity of simultaneously controllable axis, pieces 3
Spindel rotational speed, rotations per minutes 5…1600
Cutting feed, mm per minute 3…3000
Speed of rapid-tool motion, mm per minutes 5000
Main drive power, kW 45
Total capacity of all electromotors, kW 90
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 15500
width 12000
height 5250
Total weight, kg 76000

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